The 10 saddest deaths from AMC’s The Walking Dead season 1-7

The Walking Dead;AMC;Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
The Walking Dead;AMC;Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene /
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The Walking Dead;AMC; Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe
The Walking Dead;AMC; Tovah Feldshuh as Deanna Monroe /

10. Deanna Monroe

Deanna wasn’t around for very long. But her death was sad because Deanna had a strong vision for Alexandria that she never saw realized. Her dream of establishing a new civilization was within reach the whole time but she never knew that there were other communities thriving not far from Alexandria.

For a long time, Deanna managed to keep the people in Alexandria safe and sheltered from the reality of what life is like in The Walking Dead world. But in a very short time, she lost her husband and her sons. But she still fought to survive and fought to keep Alexandria going.

In the end, Deanna was faced with the choice that all the survivors had to make at various points in their lives: the choice of accepting the reality of that world and fighting to survive or staying stuck in the past and dying. She, like Rick’s group, chose to fight.

Unfortunately, her fight was short-lived. But even as she was dying and the community she sacrificed for was under siege from walkers she went out fighting. Instead of accepting her fate and using that gun to end her life and make sure she wouldn’t turn she used it to take out as many walkers as she could. Deanna didn’t start out as a badass, but she went out like one.

If Deanna had made it through the Wolves’ assault on Alexandria and the walker herd that swarmed through the community she would have been a valuable asset in the fight against Negan and The Saviors.