The 10 saddest deaths from AMC’s The Walking Dead season 1-7

The Walking Dead;AMC;Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
The Walking Dead;AMC;Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene /
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The Walking Dead; AMC; Chad Coleman as Tyreese Williams
The Walking Dead; AMC; Chad Coleman as Tyreese Williams /

8. Tyreese Williams

Tyreese’s death episode was a bit strange but also sad. The hallucinations that he had while dying were an interesting look into what the fever caused by being bitten does to the mind of someone going through it. But ultimately Tyreese made the decision to let go and not fight to rejoin Sasha and the others in a world that was really too brutal for him.

Tyreese overcame some huge obstacles. He forgave Carol after Carol confessed she was the one who killed Karen. He helped Sasha get over Bob’s death. And even though he didn’t want to kill the living he did when it was necessary.

But the killing and the deaths and the brutality of the world was ultimately too much for him to take. It’s not hard to imagine that in a world like that many people would make the same choice Tyreese did. When faced with the decision to hang on and fight to live, or let go and die he chose to let go rather than living in a world that was just too heartbreaking for him to live in.

Michonne cut off his arm after he was bitten, the same way that the group cut off Hershel’s leg after he was bitten. So there was a chance that Tyreese could have survived because of the quick amputation. But unlike Hershel Tyreese didn’t really want to live anymore.

That’s what makes his death one of the saddest deaths. His heart was just to broken to heal and he didn’t have it in him to become the staunch killer that anyone who wants to live in that world has to be to survive.