Daryl Dish: Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan defile Norman’s portrait

Norman Reedus on Ride with Norman Reedus (2016). Photo: Mark Schafer/AMC
Norman Reedus on Ride with Norman Reedus (2016). Photo: Mark Schafer/AMC /

There’s no better way for Norman Reedus to kick off season 2 of his AMC show Ride than by defiling a picture of himself in Spain with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

When in Spain, you defile your own portrait, am I right? Well, maybe not for everyone considering we don’t all have huge murals of our faces in Spain. But you do if you’re Norman Reedus, and when Reedus and The Walking Dead co-star and longtime friend Jeffrey Dean Morgan are in Spain for the season premiere of Ride with Norman Reedus, you have an opportunity that can’t be missed.

In an exclusive clip from Entertainment Tonight that you can find here, Reedus and Morgan arrive at the portrait of Daryl Dixon (or Norman Reedus, since they both have the same face…) painted on a wall on a street in Spain and decide to make some additions.

Spoken more correctly, it is Reedus who decides to add glasses and a booger to his own portrait while Morgan tries to talk him out of it. Imagine Negan trying to be the good influence on Daryl….

Ride’s second season bows with an episode featuring one of The Walking Dead’s most famous bromances as they tour Spain on motorcycles.

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Norman Reedus fans have a lot to look forward to on Sunday nights as Ride with Norman Reedus returns November 5 at 11pm ET. That means The Walking Dead at 9pm, followed by Talking Dead at 10pm and another hour of Norman Reedus goodness at 11pm.

Sunday nights are about to heat up as the weather turns colder!