Walker Stalker Con: A chat with Khary Payton about Carol

Tameche Brown, Khary Payton, and Tracey Phillipps at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2017
Tameche Brown, Khary Payton, and Tracey Phillipps at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2017 /

Is there love in the air for King Ezekiel and Carol on The Walking Dead? Fans have been wondering since the pair first met in the season 7 episode ‘The Well’. We met up with Khary Payton at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta to get his personal input.

My fellow Undead Walking blogger Tameche and I had the pleasure of meeting Khary Payton this year at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. We waited patiently, but not too long, to have our moment with the man who plays the King.

Khary enthusiastically greeted fans at his table while signing autographs and taking fun selfies. He sported the t-shirt he designed for charity. The shirt says “Never Bring A Bat to a Cat Fight” cleverly referencing his character’s beloved tiger Shiva.

When our turn came to speak with Khary, we politely inquired if we could ask a question for the Undead Walking readers. He gladly obliged and here’s what we learned.

Where do you think [Ezekiel’s] relationship is going to go with Carol?

"Khary: “That’s a great question . . . that I’m not going to answer. That’s such a lovely thing for you to ask . . .”"

We all chuckled as Khary went on to tease us about asking a question he clearly was not allowed to answer.

So, we tried again, clarifying that we just wanted Khary’s personal opinion, no spoilers.

What does Khary think is going to happen with Ezekiel and Carol?

"Khary: “Oh! You know what, I think that they are going to be great friends, is what I think. Because that’s what they do on this show. They just pull you along thinking that something’s going to happen. You know, because there are so many people that want Carol to find, you know, love and a relationship somewhere. And I, yeah, yeah, I just don’t think they are going to give it to us.”"

Khary was such a great sport as always. He has an amazing sense of humor and all sorts of charm. It was a pleasure having a few moments with him pondering what might be for his character.

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I would most certainly recommend a visit to Khary Payton’s table at your next visit to a Walker Stalker Con near you!