Who died in The Walking Dead episode 804 ‘Some Guy’?

Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Ezekiel (Khary Payton) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

There were some brutal losses and heavy action in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Here’s a rundown of who was lost in episode 804.

So far in All Out War on The Walking Dead Rick’s alliance members have gotten off fairly light when it comes to casualties. That changed for The Kingdom this week.

All of The Kingdom fighters were lost except for King Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry. Daniel, Alvaro,and all of The Kingdom troops who were with King Ezekiel were mowed down by The Saviors at the outpost.

King Ezekiel was badly injured and almost killed by a sniveling Savior, Gunther, who ridiculed King Ezekiel and almost took him prisoner but then was about to leave him as bait to escape the reanimated Kingdom fighters who were swarming.

Jerry came to The King’s rescue and chopped Gunther in half with his enormous ax, proving once again that Gerry just might be the best sidekick ever.

The Saviors

The Kingdom took the biggest hit in terms of casualties this week but The Saviors didn’t escape unscathed. Fearless Carol managed to take out several of them inside the outpost. She hid in the ceiling tiles and mowed them down as they entered the room carrying the guns that Rick wanted.

The remaining Saviors pursued her into the gated off parking lot area of the compound and had her pinned down. But Carol, being the warrior she is, had a plan. She pretended to give up. Then took Skinny Joey hostage. The other Saviors shot Joey trying to kill her.  But Carol managed to kill some and open the gate to let in the walkers to take care of the rest.

She didn’t kill them all though. When she saw Jerry and King Ezekiel in trouble she let The Saviors drive off with the guns and went to rescue Jerry and The King. She heard Daryl’s bike and knew that Daryl and Rick were close and would take care of The Saviors she let go. And boy did they.

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The Gun Toting Saviors

Rick and Daryl pursued The Saviors in the truck with the guns relentlessly and in an epic display of teamwork. Working together they managed to kill the remaining Saviors and get the guns. Those guns are going to play a huge part in the battles going forward.


Jerry, King Ezekiel, and Carol were struggling to get back. King Ezekiel was hurt pretty badly and was having trouble moving fast enough to get away from the walkers. He was going to sacrifice himself so Carol and Jerry could get away, but Carol wasn’t about to leave him behind.

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When things looked dire Shiva appeared and plunged into the group of walkers attacking the trio. Shiva killed several of the walkers but then was surrounded and tragically Shiva made the ultimate sacrifice for King Ezekiel.

R.I.P. Shiva. Your service to The Kingdom and time on The Walking Dead will never be forgotten.