Fear the Walking Dead: Sam Underwood Interview


I sat down to talk with the delightful Sam Underwood from Fear the Walking Dead along with fellow Undead Walking contributor Tracey Phillipps.

Sam portrays (Jake Otto) the level-headed sibling who often butted heads with brother Troy. Despite this, they still maintained some type of brotherly love towards each other.

I asked Sam what advice he would give his character Jake Otto in dealing with the antics of his brother Troy

“Pull the trigger! Stop with the dramatic pauses and just pull the trigger.  Fool me once shame on me.”

Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto, Fear The Walking Dead
Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto, Fear The Walking Dead /

Sam goes on to discuss how Jake Otto isn’t a killer inherently, he doesn’t have it in him.  He couldn’t imagine taking a sibling’s life despite the circumstances. He is a man of conviction and firmly believes in what his moral and ethical compass is.

We also discussed the arrival of Madison Clark to the ranch.  Prior to her arrival, the ranch is surviving on its own merits. It’s not perfect, but life is being sustained and interaction with the dead is limited to outside the ranch.

Would the ranch have survived if the Clarks had not arrived? Sam shared his thoughts.

 “I think they would have lasted longer.  The Clarks are the catalyst for Troy Otto really going off the edge.  Stuff started going downhill when they turned up.”

He breaks down the survivability of the ranch, pointing out the ranch would not have been sustainable forever.  Yes, it’s a mess to deal with. However, if the Clarks never arrived they would still have a home.

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We chatted about Sam’s 3 favorite go-to weapons for the zombie apocalypse and why he chose them.  One of his choices is a Bow and Arrow, which he is not afraid to use.  Watch out Daryl Dixon you may have a challenger.

Be sure to check out the rest of our interview where we discuss his relationship on set with his gel cast members, how he’s enjoying his 1st Walker Stalker Convention and behind the scenes moments.

Fear the Walking Dead is currently on break but will return in 2018 on AMC.