The Walking Dead and FTWD crossover character reveal on Talking Dead

Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC
Chris Hardwick - Talking Dead, AMC /

Talking Dead will reveal who the much-hyped crossover character between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will be on Sunday, November 26, 2017.

Fear The Walking Dead’s third season was called the best season yet by both fans and critics. Robert Kirkman revealed a few months ago that there would be a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

He didn’t reveal who the character would be. But speculation has run rampant that Abe would be the crossover character. The season finale of Fear The Walking Dead opened the door for the storyline to move to Houston, TX. Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene came from Texas to Georgia where they met up with Glenn.

Even though most people think that the crossover character will be Abe he’s not the only option. The crossover character could very well be Eugene or Rosita as well. It makes sense for Rosita’s storyline as well as Abe’s.

Rosita told Sasha that she has a habit of developing relationships with men that she could learn survival skills and weaponry skills from and then moving on once she felt she has learned everything they had to teach. It makes sense that Rosita could have been dating one of The Proctors before finding Abraham and Eugene.

The Crossover Character Reveal

But Talking Dead is going to save us months of speculation. Robert Kirkman said in an interview that the crossover would happen in Fear The Walking Dead’s fourth season. Fear The Walking Dead is currently getting ready to start shooting season four in Texas.

On Friday Talking Dead announced on Twitter that the crossover character between Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead will be announced this Sunday, November 26th, on Talking Dead following The Walking Dead. The episode will also have fan favorite Melissa McBride on the show to talk about the current season of The Walking Dead.

Do You Want To Know?

Fan reaction to the revealing news was mixed. Some people are excited to know who the crossover character will be. But others would have preferred to watch Fear The Walking Dead and find out as the story unfolds.

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