The Walking Dead 806 recap: ‘The King, The Widow and Rick’

Gregory (Xander Berkeley), Enid (Katelyn Nacon), Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and Paul "Jesus" Monroe (Tom Payne) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Gregory (Xander Berkeley), Enid (Katelyn Nacon), Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and Paul "Jesus" Monroe (Tom Payne) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

It’s time for the “Fat Lady” to sing in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. Here’s your recap of “The King, The Widow and Rick.”

Rick walks down the road alone while the cars return to Alexandria, where Carl and Michonne wait. Daryl speeds down the road while a remembrance wall is erected in the Kingdom. Maggie sees Aaron alone and realizes what happened, but she’s not expecting him to pull a baby out of the back seat.

Carol looks at a letter from explaining what happened. Maggie reads a similar letter from Carol talking about what happened at the outpost. Rick emphasizes that they need to keep fighting because they have the Saviors on the run. This is their moment.

Rick spies on the Scavengers, who are doing naked sculpture. Jadis sends someone to open the door.

The Saviors who surrendered are given food to eat. Jared refuses his food. Maggie and Gregory find Jesus handing out food and she says that he’s giving away their food. Jesus says that they had a bumper crop of turnips and Gregory says they should build a gallows. He’s just saying what everyone is thinking. Enid leads him back inside and Maggie tells Jesus he never should have brought them there. It puts them in a bad spot and he wants to know what they’re fighting for.

Carol finds Jerry who says the King is not taking visitors, but Carol goes past him and says that they have to meet Rick. They need to gather everyone who can still fight. Jerry says the King told him to leave but this is Jerry’s job. Henry offers to come with her but she refuses.

Rick is brought into the Scavengers meeting area and Jadis confronts him. She wants to know if he’s alone. She notes that she shot him. Why is he back? Rick says he wants a deal. Rick says she grazed him, and he’s willing to look past it because they need each other. He could have taken them out but he didn’t. Jadis thinks he needs her to save them. He shows them the photos and says that the Saviors are finished. Negan is trapped. He thinks she should forget Negan and be part of the new world that will be built after Negan is done. “Dreams and threats,” one of the Scavengers says to him. Rick wants to know what it will be and Jadis says no, noting that Rick talks too much.

Gregory challenges Maggie’s leadership by saying that being a leader is hard when the big decisions are on the line. She reminds him that he cut a deal because he was a coward. He says he will help her make the tough calls. He doesn’t want the “wolves” wandering among the “sheep.”

Michonne gets into the car when Rosita walks up and reminds her that Rick said not to leave. She is going to leave no matter what, so Rosita gets in and tells her to drive.

Daryl finds Tara and they talk. Tara says he was right about not killing Dwight because they needed him, but after this is done she wants to kill him. Daryl says that they might not have to wait long.

The Saviors are outside the walls of the Hilltop at night and Jesus looks inside to see that they’re building something inside. One of the aviors asks if he signed up for his role but Jesus doesn’t want to talk. There are Walkers nearby but the Savior says that he was on his own for a while but the Saviors offered him a job building a fence at the outpost. He doesn’t like that his fate lies with the woman inside. The Savior admits he’s no angel.

Rosita asks why Michonne wanted to come out there. She feels like a siren has been going off in her head and she can’t turn it off. It has been a whole day since the battle started and she wants to know what’s happening so she can go back home. Rosita agrees, but Michonne tells her to stop the car. There’s a sound. It’s music. They get out and go off in search of the music, leaving the car in the middle of the road. They come across a car outside a building with people standing there so they go to investigate.

There’s a Walker in the woods trying to catch a plastic bag. Carl watches as Saddiq kills him and Carl tells him that his father had been shooting warning shots. He says his name is Saddiq and Carl offers him food and water. He says he heard Saddiq talking about his mother and Carl says his mother would want him to do what’s right. It’s hard to do but when you can do it you should. Saddiq drinks the water and thanks him. He tells him about a community, and Carl asks him the three questions. He has killed 237 Walkers, give or take. He has killed one person who was attacked by the dead but wasn’t killed. Saddiq explains that he’s killing Walkers to free their souls. He wonders if she was right. Carl asks if doing that makes his life harder, but Saddiq says he’s trying to honor his parents. Carl says if he was trying to do that they wouldn’t be talking.

Henry fights Walkers in the forest and Carol finds him and says he wasn’t supposed to follow her. He says he isn’t scared and says he can fight. He wants to get the guys who killed his brother. She gives him a knife and he says he watched her train. “Stay close,” she says.

Jesus is out with the Saviors when Enid comes out to tell them to come inside. There, Jesus finds a gated area where they can stay inside the walls of the Hilltop. She announces that the prisoners will be kept there but they won’t stand for disrespect. Gregory reminds her about keeping people they can’t trust inside the walls. She says he’s right, and she throws him inside with the Saviors. He runs into a poll and begs not to be left with them. Jared makes a run for it but Maggie hits him with the butt of her gun. When he continues to taunt her, she knocks him out. She warns Jesus not to make her regret her decision. Aaron and Enid follow her.

Carl and Saddiq walk back toward Alexandria but they find Walkers eating a deer. The Walkers attack as they approach and more come at them but they fight them off. Saddiq says Carl doesn’t have to join his mission and could run but Carl tries to help even as he’s overtaken by the Walkers. He ends up shooting the one on top of him before getting up. Saddiq says he could have left, but Carl says he’s responsible for Saddiq now. Saddiq doesn’t want any trouble, and Carl says that sometimes kids have to show their parents their own way.

Rosita and Michonne go inside the building, which is a big warehouse. They hear people talking and about the battle that took place. Leo and Zia are discussing the fact that they missed the battle but could still be in danger. When Michonne kicks a ball across the floor, they realize they’re not alone. A fight breaks out so Leo goes to scout the perimeter. As he whistles, Rosita tries to distract him. Michonne and Zia fight and Zia tells Leo to get to the Sanctuary, but Rosita is there to stop him. In fact, she stops him with a bazooka. Zia runs for the truck, the “Fat Lady” and as she drives away she’s t-boned by a dump truck. Daryl jumps out with Tara and shoot Zia.  They meet up and Michonne says they have a cache of weapons inside. Tara asks why they’re out there and they don’t have to say it. They’re all there because there is more work to be done. All of them, Daryl says.

Carol is about to blast the door open when Jerry says the door is unlocked. Inside, she finds Ezekiel with Shiva’s chain. He says he knows what she wants but he can’t do it. He had no right to tell anyone what to do. He was playing a part. He knew how bad it could be but he still smiled. He can’t be what his people need. He asks for peace, and Carol turns to leave. She stops, though, and comes back. She wants to know why he kept coming to see her and he says he did it to make sure she was ok. She says she was, and he says that she made him feel real. He was able to be real with her. Tears spring to her eyes and she tells him he’s real. Real to her, to his people. People need their king right now. He says she could lead the people, but it has to be him. He inspires people to believe. Ezekiel is the one to help them grieve. Henry needs him, she says. The people need King Ezekiel, and if he can’t do that then he should play the part. She acts every single day like things are normal. That’s what they need and it’s what he has to do. “I can’t,” he says.

Back at the Hilltop, Jared works to free himself and another Savior stops him and says he has done enough. Jared says that the Hilltop will be theirs. Gregory watches it all.

Aaron says he sometimes forgets that Eric is gone. Enid listens as he talks about how he used to talk to Eric but now he’s gone. Maggie and Grace are there, too, and she says it never gets easier. Jesus comes in and says Gregory is trying to suck up to the Saviors now. She tells him not to thank her yet because the Saviors could be bargaining chips. Jesus realizes that he might have made a mistake.

Aaron leaves and Enid follows him. She wants to come with him because he says they need to find a way to win. He tells her to grab her stuff, and some food. They might be gone a while.

The dump truck pulls up near the Sanctuary and they all take a look at the Walkers surrounding the building.

Jadis, wearing Rick’s boots, draws an A on a storage unit. Rick’s inside and he watches her leave. He’s naked now, too.

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