Fear The Walking Dead adds Maggie Grace as a series regular for season 4

Maggie Grace; courtesy of UTA
Maggie Grace; courtesy of UTA /

Fear The Walking adds another new regular to the cast as season 4 starts to take shape.

Fear The Walking Dead  has announced another new regular cast member for season 4.

Maggie Grace, who is best known to TV audiences for her role as Shannon Rutherford on Lost and to film fans as Kim Mills from the Taken films, is joining Fear The Walking Dead as a series regular according to Deadline.

Earlier this week The Walking Dead fans found out that fan favorite Morgan Jones, played by Lennie James, will also be joining Fear The Walking Dead. He will be taking his character Morgan from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead.

Maggie Grace and Lennie James will join other new additions to the cast Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman who were previously announced to be joining the show’s highly anticipated fourth season.

Lots Of New Faces

There have been many casting announcements coming from Fear The Walking Dead in the last month. That’s to be expected considering how many characters were killed off in season 3.

A couple of main characters died in season 3 along with Troy Otto, Jake Otto, Jeremiah Otto, and pretty much the entire population of Broke Jaw Ranch as well as many members of The Nation. After essentially killing off the entire cast of season 3 except for the series regulars they’re going to have a lot of spots to fill as they start a new storyline in season 4.

Fear The Walking Dead Reboot?

The third season of Fear The Walking Dead had lower ratings than the first two seasons of the show but fans and critics agreed that it was by far the best and most cohesive season of the show so far.

Even though main character Travis Manawa was killed off in the season 3 premiere and Ofelia Salazar died near the end of the season series original Nick Clark, Alicia Clark, Madison Clark, Daniel Salazar, and Victor Strand are all standing. At least for now. It remains to be seen if all of them made it out of the season 3 finale alive.

But assuming at least a few of the survived the series may be heading for a soft reboot of the original story featuring the remaining original characters. It’s possible that the series will have a time jump that opens season 4. That will make it possible for Morgan Jones to appear. A time jump would also give the writers a chance to reset the storyline and essentially start over and relegate seasons 1-3 to the past.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Filming Has Started

Production on the show has moved to Texas for season 4. The crossover of Morgan Jones was announced on Talking Dead on November 26th and production and filming of season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead started on November 27th.