5 actors from The Walking Dead who need to be guests on Talking Dead

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Tamiel and Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead, AMC
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#2. Sabrina Gennarino

Much like some of the other actors on this list, their characters on AMC’s zombie survival drama series haven’t been developed very well. However, they have still found a way to make an impact on the #TWDFamily.

If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve likely seen Gennarino trying to help her fans and fans of The Walking Dead raise money to assist those in need or even giving a percentage of sales from her own skin care products to them.

Her character is not likely a fan favorite though. Tamiel of The Scavengers was first introduced when being held hostage by Father Gabriel and hasn’t done much to be more likable going forward.

However, much like some of the others on this list, the actor is nothing like the character and Sabrina is a real person with a huge heart who definitely has the gift of gab, making her a great option for the couch!