The Walking Dead 807 recap: ‘Time For After’

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /
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Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead, AMC
Father Gabriel – The Walking Dead, AMC /

Do the Right Thing

Eugene paces in his room. He’s thinking, notebook in hand. He writes something down. Things he knows, doesn’t know, isn’t aware of. He goes to see Dwight and tells him that he knows Dwight is the traitor. He says he has been charged by Negan with finding the traitor and he tells Dwight to stop immediately and in exchange he offers to not tell Negan anything. Dwight grabs Eugene and pushes him into a chair. Dwight says the Saviors and Negan are finished. It’s all done. Supplies are low, workers are angry and the Saviors are falling apart. All Eugene has to do is let it play out and things will be better. Can he do that? Dwight reminds him of what happens there to people who cross Negan. Once he crosses the line then there is no coming back. Eugene says he likes being safe and he thinks other people are safe there, too. Eugene says that he’s Negan and they save people. He reminds Dwight to keep things in line and nothing will happen.

In the factory, the doors are barricaded to keep the Walkers out. Eugene finds Regina, who says they might have a day or two left, but that’s it.

Eugene goes down the hall and Dr. Carson calls him. He says Gabriel is getting worse from at least one infection that’s attacking his organs. He needs medicine. Eugene says that Gabriel brought this upon himself and Carson asks him to stay with his friend (“companion” Eugene corrects) until he gets back from the market. He’s going to find some herbs. After he leaves, Gabriel wakes up and invites Eugene to sit. Eugene says he looks like a “potatoes and shit casserole.” He reaches for water and Eugene eventually helps him to drink. Gabriel asks if Eugene will help them get Carson out but Eugene says the building is surrounded by Walkers and he’s not about to put his neck on the line. Gabriel wants him to do the right thing but Eugene reminds him that the right thing depends on the definition. Gabriel plays on Eugene’s reason to convince him that when the time comes he’ll do the right thing. Gabriel grabs his hand and then passes out and Eugene stares at his hand and sees a drop of blood there, which produces a bigger reaction than Gabriel’s pleas.