The Walking Dead who died in episode 807 “Time For After”

Regina (Traci Dinwiddie) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Regina (Traci Dinwiddie) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Plans got changed and The Scavengers had some tricks up their sleeves in The Walking Dead this week. Here’s who survived and who didn’t in episode 807.

No significant characters died on The Walking Dead this week but a lot of walkers had their souls released and Rick had to face off with a new version of an old foe.

In The Walking Dead episode 807 “Time For After” Daryl and Tara carried through on their plan to further attack The Sanctuary. With the help of Morgan and the other snipers who were watching The Sanctuary Daryl crashed the garbage truck straight through The Sanctuary’s wall. That let the walkers who were inside the yard stream into the lower level of The Sanctuary. The Saviors used up a considerable amount of ammunition taking out as many as possible.

Meanwhile Rick remained a prisoner in the garbage heap. Jadis took some photos of Rick to sculpt him “after”. “After” was revealed to be after Rick had to face off against Winslow 2.0 in the garbage heap. Rick, not wearing anything except his boxers, went back into Savage Rick mode and killed the new Winslow and overpowered Jadis and held her on the ground until she agreed to release him.

For some reason Rick still wanted to make a deal with her and she agreed after Rick killed the new Winslow, much the same way she agreed to work with him after he killed the first Winslow. Let’s hope this deal works out better for Rick and the alliance than the first deal did.

Father Gabriel, in the infirmary at The Sanctuary, doesn’t look good. He’s suffering from multiple infections. And facing organ failure. He didn’t die in this episode. But it doesn’t look good for him unless Dr. Carson can find some antibiotics pretty quickly.

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale

It’s hard to believe that the mid-season finale is already looming but it is. And Chris Hardwick warned fans on Talking Dead that the mid-season episode which is an extended 90 minutes will be shocking. Since major character deaths have been pretty sparse so far this season it’s highly likely that one, or possibly more, major characters won’t make it out of the mid-season finale.

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Daryl’s revenge plan ended up giving The Saviors the opportunity to get The Sanctuary clear of walkers and allow them to get out so now Negan and The Saviors are coming for Rick and the others in a full blown attack on Alexandria. Let’s hope that our favorite characters survive next week’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.