The Walking Dead: Who the heck built Winslow and Winslow 2.0?

Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) in The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

First there was Winslow, and then on The Walking Dead “Time For After” we meet Winslow 2.0. But who is making all of these creatures?

Clearly, the Scavengers are an art colony. From drawing to sculpture to general arts and crafts, their junkyard is the place where creativity thrives. Now that we have met Winslow 2.0 on The Walking Dead “Time For Later” we have to ask the question: Who makes all of these creatures?

Jadis is really into sculpture, as we have now learned after her little photography session with Rick. She also likes to sculpt in the nude, which is really…yeah. (Honestly, I could care less about sculpting in the nude, rather my issue is the nudity in that dirty junkyard with all the sharp objects…)

Naked sculpting aside, there’s another kind of arts and crafts among the Scavengers and it’s more along the lines of what The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero does every week for the show: Making badass Walker creatures!

While those of us in real life know that F/X guru Nicotero is the man behind these amazing Walkers, there is someone among the Scavengers who turns Walkers into crazy works of medieval art designed to kill people.

Winslow and Winslow 2.0 are killing machines that have armor to prevent their untimely demise. (Though we must point out that Rick made quick work of both…)

Let’s just pause here for a moment and think about the person sitting around coming up with these Metal Walkers. Just as Greg Nicotero comes up with a vision of the Walkers for the show, someone among the Scavengers is doing the same. Who is this person? What did he or she do before the zombie apocalypse that allows this kind of creativity? Winslow/2.0 are bionic creatures, so is it a knowledge of anatomy, too much time in the metal shop in high school, a welder or an artist? Who is this person and when do we get to meet him (or her)?

How many more Winslows are there? Does Jadis have an army of them? So many questions!!

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