The Walking Dead 808: 5 questions about ‘How It’s Gotta Be’

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7Photo by Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

The midseason finale of The Walking Dead has arrived and there stakes couldn’t be higher. We have 5 questions about “How It’s Gotta Be.”

It seems like the front half of The Walking Dead’s season 8 has flown by and the midseason finale is upon us. It really has flown by because the whole first half of the season has only spanned a few days. There really hasn’t been enough time to mourn losses or stop for rest. All Out War has so far gone on at a breakneck pace and there’s no sign that it’s stopping any time soon.

Negan and his Saviors now have a way out of the Sanctuary thanks to Daryl’s rogue plan to attack the Sanctuary with Tara. Rick convinced Jadis to join his fight, but now it looks like his upper hand might be faltering.

Here are the 5 burning questions we have about The Walking Dead midseason finale:

Can Rick trust Jadis?

Rick was willing to strip down and pose for photos for Jadis, who locked him up in a storage unit and sicced Winslow 2.0 on him as a means of intimidation. It didn’t work, and in the end Rick was able to pin Jadis to the ground and exact her promise to help him defeat the Saviors.

Can he trust her?

The jury is still out on this one. Many fans smacked their foreheads seeing Rick return to the junkyard after the Scavengers betrayed him, and just because she agreed to help him doesn’t mean he can really trust her. Or can he? Will things be different this time around?

Will Negan find out that Dwight was the traitor?

Eugene knows that Dwight was the traitor, and Negan really wants to know who set them up. Eugene was about to spill the beans to Negan when Dwight walked in, and I’m willing to bet that Negan knew that Eugene wanted to do more than announce his plan to fix the intercom system.

Negan is a smart guy who can root out a lie when he sees one, and Eugene is an easy target because Negan has his number. Negan knows that Eugene’s survival is his main concern, so he can use that to gain useful information. Will he reveal the traitor?

Can the damage from Daryl’s plan be reversed?

Daryl’s plan to attack the Sanctuary may have prematurely caused the Walkers to leave the perimeter, but there’s every indication that Eugene was about to do that anyway. (But since it was Daryl who did it, he’s the one to get the blame)

When Rick arrived on the scene with Jadis, he discovered the trash truck inside the Sanctuary walls and the Walkers all over the place. His plan hinged on the Saviors being weakened by their lack of supplies. With an escape route in place now, things have changed. How much will the plan need to be tweaked in order for it to work?

Is Eugene really Negan?

There are still a lot of people wondering if Eugene is really 100% Negan. After his big revelation, it looks like there’s every indication to the affirmative.

However, like Jadis, if Rick can make a better deal, maybe Eugene can be persuaded to leave. After all, he’s more likely to survive if he’s on the winning team.

What is the shocking moment?

Exactly. What the heck is this big moment that will have us talking???

The Walking Dead season 8 midseason finale airs Sunday, December 10 at 9pm on AMC.