The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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On The Walking Dead The Saviors have so far taken the brunt of All Our War. Here are 10 New Years Resolutions that could help The Saviors get back in control of the other communities.

After that shocking mid-season finale on The Walking Dead it looks like The Saviors have the upper hand now in All Out War. But can they keep it? Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom have proven that they’re going to fight until The Saviors are defeated. And they’re getting creative in order to do it.

Even though The Saviors have managed to clear the walker herd that was keeping them stuck inside The Sanctuary they still have a lot of work to do to repair the damage. And they have taken more casualties than the other communities in the war so far.

All Out War is too close to call right now. If The Saviors can make some fast changes and adapt quickly to the situation they’re in now they could still come out victorious. If they want to stay in control and not end up prisoners of the other communities they need to change their strategy and go on the offensive.

So with the new year quickly approaching let’s take a look at 10 possible New Year resolutions that would help The Saviors get organized, regroup, and be back in the position they were in before the other communities rebelled against them and Negan’s control.