The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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The Walking Dead; AMC; Kerry Cahill as Dianne
The Walking Dead; AMC; Kerry Cahill as Dianne /

2. Recruit More Saviors

No matter what happens in the remaining battles The Saviors are going to have to find some new recruits. Already they have taken massive casualties. Right now The Saviors still have the upper hand when it comes to having the greatest number of fighters.

But in order to keep their advantage and in order to keep control of the communities if they win the war The Saviors are going to need to run a pretty strong recruitment campaign.

It’s been said over and over on The Walking Dead that people are the greatest resource. That’s because there’s a limited supply of them and they tend to have short life spans these days. The Scavengers have a lot of people, and Jadis might be persuaded to give up some of her people in exchange for some of the supplies that Negan has. But more likely than not she will want to hang onto her people.

So The Saviors are going to have to get creative in how they find more fighters. Some of the workers can be trained to fight and some of the outposts can be staffed with workers as long as there is a small contingent of Saviors there to fight. But Negan’s going to have to deal with the problem of losing so many of The Saviors in All Out War.