The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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10. Repair The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is probably one of the most defensible of all the communities. But that didn’t stop Daryl and the alliance fighters from cracking The Sanctuary open in their assault. Even before hitting back at Rick’s forces the Saviors will need to put some effort into fixing The Sanctuary and restoring the building’s defenses. Right now The Sanctuary is open to all kinds of attacks and it’s impossible to know what the other communities have planned.

If The Saviors want to be able to plan an effective attack on the other communities they’re going to have to make sure the workers and the rest of the population at The Sanctuary are safe. After all, the reason why people follow Negan is for safety. If they’re not safe at The Sanctuary that could seriously undermine his authority.

Building supplies might not be that easy to come by, but The Saviors are pretty resourceful and they seem to have caches all over the place. Time to make a supply run to one of the outposts and get some materials to fix that huge hole in The Sanctuary’s outer wall before more walkers come streaming through. Maybe Eugene can come up with a way for the workers to rebuild the wall quickly before the alliance team attacks again.