The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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The Walking Dead; AMC; Steven Ogg as Simon; Xander Berkeley as Gregory
The Walking Dead; AMC; Steven Ogg as Simon; Xander Berkeley as Gregory /

6. Find New Supply Sources

The Saviors and the workers inside The Sanctuary were living the good life for a long time when they were getting regular tribute drops from the other communities. They had really good food, supplies to make things, and all kinds of interesting items that the people in the other communities managed to scavenge. But now that the other communities are rebelling that good life is over.

Negan and The Saviors will have to find new sources for supplies, and fast. There are a lot of Saviors and a lot of workers. They need food, water, and other supplies that until now were coming in regularly. There may be some supplies stored but certainly not enough for so many people. The outposts might have some supplies and equipment that can be brought to The Sanctuary to fill in the gaps.

But very soon The Sanctuary is going to run out of food and supplies if new supply sources aren’t found. Maybe Negan can make another deal with The Scavengers, but they probably aren’t going to be too eager to give up supplies. So some of The Saviors may have to go to work scavenging to make sure that the basic necessities are covered for everyone who lives at The Sanctuary.