The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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5. Find Gracie

People are one of the most valuable resources in The Walking Dead world, and that includes children. Negan knows that Gracie was living at the outpost with her parents, but he doesn’t seem to know what happened to her.

He doesn’t know that Rick took her after slaughtering the people at the outpost and he doesn’t know that she’s currently living at The Hilltop with Maggie. It would be a good idea for some of The Saviors to at least attempt to find out what happened to Gracie and where she’s at. It’s not like she wandered off on her own.

Negan will probably want confirmation that she’s dead or to know where she is. Sure, he probably assumed that Rick took her, but Negan’s not the kind of leader that will let the kidnapping of a child under his protection go.

So while The Saviors are out trying to find new supply sources or looking for cucumbers to keep Eugene in pickles they should also be keeping an eye out for any information about what might have happened to Gracie. Returning Gracie to Negan could result in some serious rewards from Negan. Finding Gracie should be a priority for any Savior that wants to get in good with Negan.