The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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4. Repopulate The Walker Wall

Putting walkers on spikes in a specific configuration definitely discouraged people from approaching The Sanctuary. Ultimately that wasn’t enough to keep Rick and his alliance forces out. But it’s worth noting that Rick and the others didn’t attack The Sanctuary directly. They used walkers to attack so that they wouldn’t need to put themselves at risk taking down The Saviors walker barricades outside the building.

But now that defensive wall of walkers is gone. All that time and effort collecting walkers and getting them on spikes went for nothing. Workers aren’t equipped to handle procuring walkers and making sure they are safely affixed to the fence. That’s a job for Negan’s fighting force.

Eventually that walker barricade is going to need to be reconstructed, which means hunting down walkers and getting them to the wall and then making sure they are fortified with metal to keep them intact and keep anyone from stabbing them in the brain.

It’s going to be a lot of work and it won’t take care of every threat, as Rick’s attack showed. But it’s the best defense against people. So some of The Saviors will need to take on the task of rebuilding the walker wall outside The Sanctuary this year.