The Walking Dead: 10 New Year resolutions for The Saviors

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3. Retake The Outposts

Part of the reason why The Saviors are able to keep such a tight hold on the communities is that they have fully staff outposts all over the region. Those outposts find new communities, deal with security threats, and perform other vital functions that keep Negan’s empire strong. But thanks to help from Dwight Rick’s forces have managed to decimate the population at many of the outposts.

The Saviors staffing out outposts are now either dead or being held prisoner. The alliance forces don’t have the numbers to take over the outposts and staff them. So The Saviors can retake those outposts. But only if they have the people to stay there and hold the outposts.

Rick and the others will likely attack them again, if the war goes on. So any people who are moved to the outposts have a high risk of being slaughtered or captured. That might make it difficult to get volunteers to go repopulate the posts.

Even if the war ends quickly and The Saviors win it will still take some big personnel numbers to get the outposts running again. And if The Saviors do win the war they will need to step up their security knowing that a revolt among the communities that they are policing is likely.