Watch The Walking Dead Red Machete: Volume 1 (Full: Parts 1-8)

Joe from The Claimers - The Walking Dead: Red Machete, AMC
Joe from The Claimers - The Walking Dead: Red Machete, AMC /

Check out the complete first volume of The Walking Dead: Red Machete which contains all three episodes made from the first 8 segments airing on AMC.

Fans of The Walking Dead were busy while watching season 8. In addition to the action and drama of the show itself, AMC gave fans plenty of things to do during commercial breaks, including TWD Rewards, augmented reality zombies, and more during the breaks.

One fun thing that AMC did was give fans the history of the red-handled machete Rick Grimes threatened to kill Gareth of The Hunters with when the survivors were trapped at Terminus and their lives were on the line.

Check out The Walking Dead Red Machete: Volume 1 as shared on the official YouTube channel of AMC:

During the 8 episodes in the first half of season 8, an installment of this series was shown. Most ranged from 20-30 seconds and featured a moment where the machete was either used to kill or was used incorrectly and resulted in a death.

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For many fans, it’s hard to get attached to characters or enjoy a storyline when it is delivered in such small pieces. However, Red Machete succeeds while focusing on a girl named Mandy learning to use the weapon to defend those she loves.

Sadly, Mandy loses her father David and her sister Alyssa along the way before finally it is stolen by a man named Derek while she hid from the strange group. She isn’t killed by the people but is not seen for the rest of the episodes.

Derek is treating the machete well, cleaning it and wrapping red tape around the handle. However, he is doing it all with headphones on and does not hear a walker approach him, stabbing it in the chest before losing the fight.

Finally, a familiar face is on the scene and Joe from The Claimers finds the Machete, declaring that he has claimed it as his own.

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Since this is volume 1, it should be assumed that we’ll get to see more from Joe and The Claimers with the Red Machete. Hopefully, we’ll get those episodes during the second half of The Walking Dead season 8.