The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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79: Negan Guts Spencer

Episode 708 “Hearts Still Beating”

Original Airdate: 12/11/2016

Submitted By: Sonya Iryna

Spencer was a problem that needed to be solved. Rick just kind of ignored him, but Spencer needed to die. Negan said it himself that he did Rick a favor by gutting Spencer. And really he did. Spencer has been a drain on the community pretty much always. He was constantly undermining Rick and going behind his back to try and turn the others against Rick. He was way too weak to survive in The Walking Dead world.

Deanna was a great politician and someone who really cared about the people around her. But Spencer was the worst kind of a politician. He was a slimey and unprincipled person who would try to turn every situation into some kind of advantage for himself. He and Gregory were a lot alike in that respect.

So it was very satisfying to watch Negan call Spencer out for being the sycophant that he was and then kill him. Rick should have killed Spencer long before that moment. But Rick isn’t the kind of leader that will kill people for disagreeing with him.

As brutal and arbitrary as Negan’s murders are this one was justified. Negan was able to see what Spencer was and he took care of the problem. Thanks for that Negan. Still hate you for killing Glenn though.