The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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78. Rick Takes A Bite Out Of Life

Episode 416 “A”

Original Airdate: 3/30/2014

Submitted By: John Tateossian

This isn’t so much of a fantastic scene, but a great episode overall. This episode we see the end of Rick, Carl and Michonne’s journey after the fight at the prison finally arriving at Terminus, which was rumored to be a safe place for all. However their journey was met with a roadblock along the way.

This episode was met with brilliant parallels of flashbacks painted in black and white of Rick mainly talking to Hershel about the violence of their world and how it doesn’t always have to be like that. That family and caring are still important parts of this life and they need to be if we want to really live on.

In between these flashbacks we see Rick, Carl and Michonne get ambushed by Joe, Daryl and the Claimers. Joe realizing Rick must have been the one to kill another member of their group declares he has to pay. After Daryl tries to defend Rick Joe also realizes Daryl must be lying when he says Rick is a good person and decides Daryl will die too. Joe explains to Rick that they will beat Daryl to death, rape Carl and then Michonne, but then it will all be okay after because then they will kill Rick last. Rick realizing what is happening attempts to head-butt Joe who fires off a round out of reflex right next to Ricks ear who becomes stunned. Joe wraps his arms around Rick mocking him for his ignorant stunt and now has to watch Carl be raped helplessly.

Then we see Rick do one of the more shocking things we have seen a human do on this show. We have seen walkers do some pretty gross stuff, but Rick takes it to another level with what he does. Realizing his arms are held down Rick lunges at Joe’s carotid artery in his neck biting and ripping it out leaving Joe to bleed to death. The shock of the Claimers leaves Daryl and Michonne enough time to react and kill the remaining members. Except for the one who was attempting to rape Carl, who declares he will kill Carl if Rick comes any closer. Rick declares that he is Ricks to kill to Daryl and Michonne as Carl escapes his grip. Rick using Joe’s pocket knife then stabs this man repeatedly in the heart spraying blood all over Rick who was already drenched with Joe’s blood. Through another flashback we see Hershel urge Rick to put away his gun and start a farm at the prison. They can create a life for the people here with no violence.

Rick, Daryl, Carl and Michonne then finally arrive at Terminus. However, all is not what it seems when Rick notices several items that once belonged to people from his own group. After a mini shoot-out, which was more of a round-up Rick finds himself trapped and is commanded to enter a freight train car. Rick, Carl, Daryl and Michonne enter to find the rest of their group along with Tara, Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Once more we see a flashback of Rick enjoying time with his son and daughter and Hershel and Beth. Rick is telling Carl that is okay and it is time to put away his gun too. Rick really connecting with Carl for once gets through to him and the two realize it is time to put the violence aside for now and live in peace, with not guns at their side. We cut back to a final scene where everyone in the train is waiting for Rick to say something. He looks around and then through a hole in the train car and declares that the people of Terminus will soon feel pretty stupid when they find out. When Abraham asks what, Rick says “…That they’re screwing with the wrong people.” Which is also an awesome last line of the season.

This episode was one of the better ones to me because it gave a great parallel of trying to put aside the violence while also showing Rick do one of the most violent things we’ve ever seen. Hershel successfully got through to Rick to take up farming and denounce violence, which is why we see him a changed man in Season 3 and also getting through to Carl with this message as well. Then we see Rick willing to do anything to protect his friends and family, which still includes being extremely violent at times. Again this episode drove the point home that violence is now a part of this life. No matter who is arguing against it, you need it. If you want to live you have to fight for it. This episode just how far our fearless leader Rick will go to protect his group making this one of the Top 100 Moments of The Walking Dead