The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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74. Jesse’s Pep Talk

Episode 605 “Now”

Original Airdate: 11/8/2015

Submitted By: Sarabeth Pollock

The people of Alexandria lived in a bubble up until the arrival of Rick and his people. After the walls fell, the residents struggled to cope with losing so many members of their community.

Jesse sees that one of the residents died in her house. She comes to the door, now a Walker, and as a group forms outside Jesse opens the door and plunges a knife into her head. When she turns back around and sees the people gathered there, Jesse gives a rousing speech about how they had been living a sheltered life. She herself tried not to see what was going on around them, but now they’re all being forced to face the reality of the situation. That means they can’t run and hide from the danger, rather they have to learn to fight and face it head on.

This comes at a time when the town hasn’t seen the worst of the fighting, but they can’t turn their back on it moving forward.