The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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The Walking Dead;AMC;Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel
The Walking Dead;AMC;Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel /

99. “It’s Just Four Walls And A Roof”

Episode 503 “Four Walls and a Roof”

Original Airdate: 10/26/2014

Submitted By: John Tateossian

We’ve followed our friends out of Terminus and on the road for a while now and have even picked up some new members along the way. Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Tara and Father Gabriel have all joined our gang and have agreed to let Rick lead the way to Washington D.C. where Eugene says he needs to get to share the cure.

A few episodes prior to “Four Wall and a Roof” after almost being murdered and eaten by the cannibals acting as gracious hosts at Terminus, Rick and company only barely escaped after Carol went full on Rambo and saved them all. While Rick and friends were waiting in line to have their throats slit and tossed aside to be cooked, Gareth, the leader or Terminus asked Rick what he did with the bad he approached with and what was inside. Hoping it could be of use to Gareth he was ready to kill Rick’s friends if he had to so he could get the secret out of him. However Rick looked Gareth dead in the eyes and instead of fighting told him exactly what was in the bag. Rick explains he has automatic weapons, scopes, a compound bow and a machete with a red handle. Still looking at Gareth Rick then promises that is what he will kill Gareth with.

Now fast forward to Father Gabriel’s church where our gang has been taking shelter in for the time being. Gabriel has Judith locked in his office while Rick and company sneak off to the elementary school to hide their guns. However Gareth takes this opportunity to enter the church and demand Father Gabriel come out with Judith and he will let both leave if he leads them to Rick and the guns. As two Terminus members approach the door to kick it down they are shot in the head. As Rick emerges from the shadows, gun in hand, aimed at Gareth. He tells him and his men to kneel, Gareth complies, but one of his men does not stating they don’t have to give up yet. Abraham then appears out of the shadows with Sasha and Michonne all carrying rifles saying they have lost and to kneel.

Gareth pleads with Rick to show mercy. He tells him the Terminus was once a safe haven until ‘they’ arrived. Gareth begs Rick to let them go, but Rick tells Gareth they are too dangerous to be kept alive and besides Rick made Gareth a promise. Rick then takes out his machete with the red handle and slashing and killing Gareth with it. As Michonne, Sasha and Abraham follow Rick and kill the rest of the Terminus members.

Father Gabriel emerges from the office along with the rest of the gang to witness the carnage Rick has left in his church. Looking around in shock at what Rick and his new friends have done he looks up and exclaims, “This is the Lord’s house” meaning such a sacred place should never know blood and death like it just witnessed. Maggie coldly replies to Father Gabriel, “No, its just four walls and a roof’.

A combination of what Maggie says to Father Gabriel and Rick keeping his promise to Gareth is just a part of what makes this moment so great. The Walking Dead had kept religion out this post apocalyptic world until we met Father Gabriel and now we have the meeting of is religion still relevant in a world that is so cold and unforgiving and full of death. To Maggie and the group this church is just shelter, a place to live and survive just a little longer. All religious implications are meaningless to them. Whatever prayers they wanted answered clearly have not been in the time we have known our group. Father Gabriel’s presence may change that, but for now they aren’t buying into it.

Rick also keeping his promise to Gareth is straight awesome. We now have fearless Rick back. After being almost killed by the Governor and left weak and roaming the wild only to find himself captured again we finally have our leader back. Rick has shown time and time again he will do whatever it takes to protect his people. He also now importantly just showed Abraham what kind of leader he is. These two moments are important time in our groups’ lives and another turning point in the show. Our group is once again on their own and off to find a safe haven. That is why this moment is one of the top 100 in The Walking Dead.