The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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66. Carol Confesses To Rick

Episode 403 “Isolation”

Original Airdate: 10/27/2013

Submitted By: Charlotte Anne

The scene is amazing in its simplicity but has huge consequences for Carol. The big reveal that Carol had killed Karen and David probably came as a surprise to many, since much of what led up to it remained unsaid. Though the whole episode features strange scenes involving Carol, we are unaware that Rick has been suspecting her, until he starts talking to her in the final minutes of the episode.

The way Rick beats around the bush before finally voicing his suspicion, is reminiscent of the way he spoke to Shane just before killing him. Rick closes in slowly, simply beginning with a remark: “That was a stupid thing you did.” Carol can feel something is off – does she think Rick is already alluding to the killings? He pauses before adding: “Going out there like that.” Carol remains silent and lets him go on, only answering “No”, when he asks her: “Is there anything you wouldn’t do for the people here?”

Then she walks away, and at first, it seems like Rick is going to let her go. But after she’s taken a few steps, he stops her again, and this time, asks the big question: “Did you kill Karen and David?” To which Carol simply replies: “Yes.”

The calm demeanor of both characters in this scene contrasts starkly with the huge implications it has for both of them. There is no shouting, no crying, no drama. There is not even an attempt by Carol to deny the accusation, to defend herself or justify her actions. Carol simply admits the truth, stoically, leaving Rick – and the viewers – to ponder on the possible consequences of this shocking confession.