The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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65. The Governor Returns/Tyreese’s Hallucination

Episode 509 “What Happened and What’s Going On”

Original Airdate: 2/08/2015

Submitted By: Nir Regev

The Governor’s return was lucid, engaging and chaotic. Most of all… Immensely charming. An endearing leader. A political titan you can’t help but vote for again and again. No matter how partisan his views, no matter what promises are kept. Eyepatch or no eyepatch. The ballot gets checked ‘Yes’ each and every election. You can’t help but be swayed by the Walking Dead’s grandest orator, The Governor.

David Morrissey strutted back into our lives as the Governor as if he never left. Literally, we hear the creak of a door swinging open and our darkest thoughts come to life. “This is all there is. This is it” The Governor beams, an angel of death, hovering over the character of Tyreese like a ravenous vulture. Posture bathed in confidence, arms to the side. Even at this stage, Morrissey remains ever the Southern gentleman. Holding true to his bag of convincing arguments. A penchant for upholding reality.

While Tyreese’s fallen friends attempt to soothe his aching soul into acceptance, The Governor latches on to lingering doubt. “It’s not better now. You know damn well”. A persuasive gloat transitioning into a facial expression doused in the agony of closure. The teeming rage of non physical existence.

“The bill has to be paid. You have to earn your keep. You told me you’d do whatever you had to do to earn your keep. That’s what you said. Hmm? Remember that?”
– The Governor