The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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62. Alexandrians Fight For Their Community

Episode 609 “No Way Out”

Original Airdate: 2/14/2016

Submitted By: Sonya Iryna

This is one of the greatest moments of the show because so many people can relate to the Alexandrians. Until Rick and the others showed up they had no idea what was going on outside their fence. Because of the quarry they were largely shielded from having to deal with walkers up close. And when they did it was Aaron or Eric or one of Deanna’s sons who dealt with it. Most of the people in Alexandria had never even seen a walker up close. Until The Wolves arrived and the herd moved in through the broken fence.

But when the pivotal make or break moment arrived they stepped up and fought for their home and their lives. They could have let Rick and the others handle it. But no one did. Everyone grabbed some kind of weapon and plunged into the herd to start killing.

It’s a great moment because we all want to believe that we’re capable of that. We want to believe that in that kind of scenario we’d have the courage and strength to do what needed to be done. Even Eugene was ready to fight, and Eugene avoids killing at all costs. So it was really inspiring to see them all back to back fighting off the herd to save each other and save Alexandria.