The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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57. Noah’s Death Scene

Episode 514 “Spend”

Original Airdate: 3/15/2015

Submitted By: Tammy Brown

Noah is one of the unique characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  We met Noah at Grady Memorial with fellow group member Beth. Becoming fast friends with Rick and the group he heads to Richmond Virginia in hopes of reuniting with his family. Holding out hope that the gate surrounding his subdivision is enough to protect his family from the Walking Dead.  Upon arriving not only has his family been killed but his twin brothers are still hungry and take a bite out of fellow group member Tyreese.

When arriving in Alexandria Noah along with the rest of group have hopes of a safe haven, a place to rest and find some semblance of normalcy. As  Noah tries to settle into the new community we see a struggle of not fitting in and assurances given by fellow group members that he does belong.  As with any  community  within the apocalypse runs for supplies have to be made to insure survival. Rick’s group is ready to rock and roll but quickly find the people of this new community are untrained and do not know how to defend themselves.

Noah sits down with Reggie Monroe, husband to Deanna.  He is discussing how he want to further his knowledge on architecture and learn how to build. Considering Reggie built the homes and walls within Alexandria this seems to be the perfect person to discuss this with. When Reggie hands Noah a journal for him to put down his own ideas this foreshadowed his death. Sometimes the devil is in the details.

On a natural high, Noah believes he will be successful and become an architect. Noah doesn’t hesitate to accompany Glenn, Tara, Nicholas, Aiden & Eugene on a supply run that’s a lot of people and plenty of guns to go around.  This should have been easy. After Aiden dies and Tara is knocked unconscious the situation becomes even more dire but then Nicholas and Noah become trapped in a revolving door with Walkers on each side.  Impossible to escape but not impossible, but for Noah it was impossible and his dreams would never be realized.

As Glenn watched, Nicholas pushed the revolving doors just enough for himself to escape the walkers and just enough for Noah to be torn apart (literally) piece by piece.  Noah’s death took another piece of Ricks group foundation.

Missing Noah…