The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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55. Rick Takes A Few Phone Calls

Episode 306 “Hounded”
Original Air Date: November 18, 2012
Submitted By: Adam Carlson

Sometimes, there are scenes that try really hard to grab viewers of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and one of those happened during season 3 episode 6 when the survivors were taking up residence at the prison. Rick Grimes wasn’t taking the death of his wife Lori very well. Even though “Lil Asskicker” Judith survived childbirth, Lori didn’t and that sent him into a tailspin.

Rick did some odd things following Lori’s death. He started staring off into space and seeing ghost versions of his wife all around him. However, none of that was the strangest or most interesting part of his grieving process.

At the end of the previous episode, he had gone back into the room where Lori died. While there, he saw a bloated walker that he believed ate Lori’s remains. After killing it, he remained in the room…and that’s when some wild things started to happen.

In the room, the phone rang. The first person to talk to Rick was Amy, who died back at the camp outside Atlanta. She told him that she is safe and will call him back later.

However, the next call is the survivor who was bitten and left next to a tree on their way to the CDC, Jim. Jim says that Rick needs to justify killing other humans and that he should have taken the time to talk to Lori before she died.

The third call came from Jacqui. She tried to get Rick to explain why he was shutting out Lori and refused to talk to her about several things before she passed away.

Finally, the last call was from Lori herself. It finally clicks for Rick that he had been talking to fallen survivors and that he needed to clean himself up, join the rest of the group, and work his way through his issues.