The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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52. Giant Walker Parade

Episode 601 “First Time Again”

Original Airdate: 10/11/2015

Submitted By: Charlotte Anne

Season 6 of The Walking Dead started really strong, with an episode which featured the largest herd of walkers we had ever seen. That, and a crazy plan by Rick to try and relocate this giant herd of walkers so they wouldn’t all end up munching on the inhabitants of Alexandria.

It’s a really well-constructed episode, with a surprising use of flashbacks in black and white, as we get acquainted with the genesis of this plan. We are shown the various techniques Rick and the others are planning to use to direct this giant group of walkers where they want to lead them.

Things start off on the wrong foot, when the walkers start breaking through the barriers and the group is forced to carry out the plan when they were only expected to rehearse it. Still, everything works beautifully. Every team implements the strategy as planned, and Daryl, Sasha and Abraham find themselves at the head of a giant walker parade.

The coolest moment in that episode was, without a doubt, the shot of Daryl leading the parade on his motorbike. The image of Daryl coming up a hill with the huge herd gradually appearing behind him is iconic, and Bear McCreary’s soundtrack adds the last touch to make this scene truly epic.

Of course, there was no way this perfectly thought-out and executed plan was going to work. It would have been too easy. Something had to ruin it. We expected it. But admit it… You yelled at your screen and maybe let out a few nasty words when you heard that horn go off.