The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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Ezekiel Comes Clean

Episode 702 “The Well”

Original Airdate: October 30, 2016

Submitted By: Adam Carlson

There are a lot of unique characters in the world of The Walking Dead, but there may not be an individual that took viewers by surprise as when King Ezekiel of The Kingdom was introduced to Carol by Morgan Jones.

Speaking olde English, sitting with a pet tiger, and calling himself a king, Ezekiel ruled over The Kingdom and was admired by the people of the community for being fair, encouraging, and inspiring. However, he wasn’t always that way, and he revealed his secret to Carol when they were alone.

Carol wasn’t buying his act at all. Confused by his persona, she was ready to leave The Kingdom to get back to somewhere more normal. But the king didn’t allow that to happen and took the opportunity to speak with her when she was picking fruit late at night.

Ezekiel told her not to bullshit a bullshitter, but she says that he is a joke. He takes the time to explain that he is doing what he thinks the people of the community need him to do. The former zookeeper dropped the phony accent, talking to her like a normal person. He said that the people of The Kingdom feel safer under his command, even if his leadership is an act and that he nursed Shiva back to health at the zoo in his old job.

Despite that, Carol still wanted to leave. However, Ezekiel was able to develop a plan that allowed her to leave, but not really go away from The Kingdom.