The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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41. Carol Threatens Pete

Episode 516 “Conquer”

Original Air Date: March 29, 2015

Submitted By: Adam Carlson

After arriving in Alexandria, the group all attempted to acclimate to their new environment while staying alert to threats. Having let their guard down at Terminus, there were some very skeptical survivors about their new home, including Carol Peletier.

Coming off burning bodies at the prison and destroying Terminus single-handedly, Carol made the transformation from Rambo to Betty Crocker, pretending to be a housewife with no real ability to fight. This would keep her as no threat to the people of the community and blend in with the other survivors.

One survivor that took a keen interest in Carol was Sam Anderson. Deeply in love with her cookies and seeing her as a strong survivor, he stole chocolate for her to make more cookies and even made the bold move to ask her about having a gun for protection.

Sam ran away when Carol asked for more information about what he and Jessie would need protection from. Seeing the familiar signs of abuse she experienced, she put together that Pete Anderson may be abusing both Jessie and Sam. Carol tells Rick about her discovery and even says they may need to kill Pete to stop him.

After learning about Pete leaving Jessie bloody and unconscious on the floor, she made one more plea for Rick to do something about the situation, even relating it to her own situation with Ed. Eventually, Carol took the matter into her own hands.

Visiting Pete to ask that he check on Tara, Carol delivers a casserole to his house. After being denied the medical services and being told to leave, Carol pulls a knife and holds it to Pete’s throat. She told Pete that she could kill him, or make it look like he attacked her.

Seeing that Pete wouldn’t attack her, Carol says that if he plays his cards right that he might actually survive. Carol then handed him the casserole, which he immediately dropped and began shouting to himself.