The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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95. Sick as Hell

Episode 402 “Infected”

Original Airdate: 10/20/2013

Submitted By: Sarabeth Pollock

With civilization wiped out, it was only a matter of time before the next big threat came after our survivors in the form of a deadly illness. While the flu might be curable and preventable, the lack of medicines and hospitals means that the disease is all the deadlier.

The influx of people living in close quarters at the prison makes the prison a prime target for a highly contagious disease. As the disease started to spread, the prison residents were divided into a sick ward to keep them from infecting everyone else. There was also the issue of what happened if one of the sick people died in the middle of the night. Keeping everyone separate also meant that everyone who tended to the sick were at risk of contracting the illness themselves.

Of course, the virus is not the only threat to the prison at that moment. The walls are under attack by herds of Walkers, so the group has to split up to defend the prison and tend to the sick.