The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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31. Oceanside

Episode 706 “Swear”

Original Airdate: 11/26/2017

Submitted By: Sarabeth Pollock

“Swear” wasn’t one of the most well-received episodes of season 7, but it’s important because it introduces one of the more interesting communities. Tara stumbles upon an entire community of women who have fled the Saviors after the Saviors killed their men and boys.

Like the Amazons on Themyscira in Wonder Woman, the women of Oceanside have figured out how to survive on their own, living in the middle of the forest near the beach. This allows them plenty of fish and a good place to hide from attackers.

Tara learns that anyone who arrives in Oceanside doesn’t make it out alive. Her options, initially, were to die, or to stay there and assimilate. However, Natania’s granddaughter helps her escape, making her promise never to reveal their location.

It’s always good to have people out there who might be able to help you, and this was the case with the people in