The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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Danai Gurira and Tovah Feldshuh, The Walking Dead (2010). Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Danai Gurira and Tovah Feldshuh, The Walking Dead (2010). Photo: Gene Page/AMC /

26. Deanna’s Last Stand

Episode 608 “Start To Finish”

Original Airdate: 11/29/2015

Submitted By: Charlotte Anne

Deanna Monroe was arguably one of the best creations of the Walking Dead writers. She was both an inspiring and an imperfect leader, but one who could also be humble enough to see her own shortcomings. The role she played for Maggie and Michonne was quite similar to the role Hershel had played for Rick: she tried to help them find their way, and she gave them confidence in their own ability to act as leaders for their people. She was very much a mentor to them.

For all these reasons, it was sad to see Deanna go. Still, what an exit it was! A few episodes back, Deanna had seemed rather overwhelmed when the reality of the outside world caught up with her. Never having had to face walkers, she wasn’t too sure how to deal with them. But she did not chicken out, and when she discovered she had been bitten, she faced death with courage. She even took it with a bit of humor, her priceless reaction – “Well… Shit” – being another reminder of how badass she really could be.

Thus, having made peace with her fate and spoken her final words to Michonne, she prepared for the inevitable, getting ready to end her own life. But that wasn’t a death fit for a strong character like Deanna, and instead, she decided to go down fighting. Her (silent) yell at the screen was an astounding moment and though it was a pity to see her go, at least it can be said that she went down in style.