The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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94. Ben Plays House

Episode 406 “Live Bait”

Original Airdate: 11/24/2013

Submitted by: Sarabeth Pollock

The Governor was able to make his escape after the siege at Woodbury, but he escaped and went on his own mission to figure out what his next steps were. He met up with a family in an apartment building and became the family’s patriarch. The two women, Tara and her sister Meghan, were caring for their dying father and Tara’s niece, Lilly. Seeing his dead daughter Penny in Lilly, The Governor, now called Brian, became their patron sense. Though this actions were brusque at times, as was the case when he violently dispatched the dead father when he died, Brian was also very protective of his new family.

Lilly was particularly drawn to Brian. He taught her how to play chess and she said that she was happy that he was with their family. Somehow Brian gave the family some much-needed stability. The family gave Ben a sense of purpose, but deep down this wasn’t enough for him and he soon set his sight once again on revenge.