The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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10. Sasha’s death

Episode 716 “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

Original Airdate: April 2, 2017

Submitted By: Adam Carlson

Losing Abraham was tough on Sasha. Being forced to watch as Negan bashed his head in with a barbed wire baseball bat lit a fuse in her head, which was already lit from losing her brother Tyreese and romantic interest Bob along with several former traveling companions to this point.

All of this built to the moment where Sasha decided she would do whatever it took to take Negan out. Recruiting Rosita to help her, she attempted to snipe the leader of The Saviors but instead ended up being captured and locked in a cell just like Daryl did in season 7.

She asked Eugene to get her a weapon so she could end herself, but was likely going to use it to kill Negan. Instead, he gave her a suicide pill he had constructed earlier when Negan’s wives asked for it.

Negan was going to reveal Sasha inside a coffin during his trip to Alexandria, but she had a different idea. Realizing that she likely would never get another opportunity to get her revenge on Negan and crushed by everything that happened to this point in the apocalypse, she took the pill and passed away inside the coffin.

Coming back as a walker, she tackled Negan to the ground and provided enough of a distraction for Carl and the rest of the people at Alexandria to fight back until reinforcements arrived from The Hilltop and The Kingdom to turn the tide of the war.