The Walking Dead: Top 100 Moments

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4. Sophia Exits The Barn

Episode 207, “Pretty Much Dead Already”

Original Airdate: 11/27/2011

Submitted By: Tammy Brown

In season 2 of AMCs The Walking Dead fans became invested in finding one of our young survivors, Sophia. Her timid demeanor often kept her in the background clinging close to her mother and her dear friend Carl. After being separated from the group as a walker herd approached she is forced to run into the woods away from the only protection and comfort she knows. As the hunt intensifies to locate her many in the group have silently given up yet continue on with the search hoping for some sort of ‘Miracle.”

In the midst of searching for Sophia the stress level on the farm has begun to boil over. Rick is in a battle to do what he feels is best for the group while Shane continues to push the envelope of animal instinct versus human instinct of survival. No one expected that opening Hershel’s barn doors would bring closure to the Sophia storyline but it did, in one of the season’s most unexpected ways. When Sophia the walker emerged this was utterly unforeseen and took not only the group off guard but fans also.

Sophia: Gone to soon but never forgotten.