Mercedes Mason of Fear The Walking Dead announces the birth of her son

Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar
Fear The Walking Dead; AMC; Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar /

Fear The Walking Dead actress Mercedes Mason and her husband announced the birth of their son by sharing a photo on social media.

Fear The Walking Dead favorite Mercedes Mason and her husband announced the arrival of their son, Caius Kane, on social media Thursday. The baby was born on January 10th.

On Fear The Walking Dead Mercedes played one of the original survivors of the outbreak, Ofelia Salazar. Sadly, Ofelia was bitten and died in season 3 just before reuniting with her father Daniel Salazar.

Fans were angry at the trope-like and predictable death of Ofelia, especially that she expired mere minutes before Daniel arrived to meet her, Madison, Strand, and Walker at the bazaar. Ofelia Salazar had gone through a lot and overcome huge odds to survive on the show. She had gone from a sheltered and naïve character to a true warrior. Many fans felt that her death was an insult to the spirit of the character.

But while fans may not be happy that Ofelia is gone it’s fortunate that Mercedes will have a little extra time to spend with her new son. Congratulations to the new mother and father and welcome to the world baby Caius!

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4

Fear The Walking Dead is already filming season 4 in Texas and by all accounts, the new season will be the best one yet. Fear managed to really find solid footing in season 3. Fans and critics alike were pleased to see real character development and some interesting and shocking twists in the third season.

There were some definite missteps though. Like killing Ofelia Salazar and the way in which she was killed. Also, fans felt that killing off Troy Otto was a mistake because Troy was such an interesting character. Fans really wanted to see more of Troy.

Heading into season 4 the show is essentially becoming a new show.  The location is changing and the production of the show has moved to Texas. Also, several new cast members including Maggie Grace, Jenna Elfman, and Garret Dillahunt are joining the show.

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Since most of the remaining characters were killed off in the season 3 finale the show is obviously taking advantage of the chance to reboot the story and add a new cast of characters. One familiar character that isn’t new to The Walking Dead world, Morgan Jones, will be crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead in season 4.