IronE Singleton’s BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead coming to the world!

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IronE Singleton will bring his one-man show BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead to an audience all around the world this February via a live stream for charity.

Fans of The Walking Dead will remember IronE Singleton for his fantastic portrayal of Theodore ‘T-Dog’ Douglas on AMC’s zombie survival drama series, but there is so much more to the man behind the role.

Singleton had a tough upbringing. Despite all his hardships, he is consistently one of the most positive people on the planet, as evidenced by anyone meeting him at conventions and charity events all around the globe.

In fact, he has a one-man show that talks about everything in his life and the power of positivity called BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead that fans will be able to see all around the globe soon.

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In a recent press release from IronE Productions, an announcement was made that Singleton will be performing his one-man show in Dallas, Georgia at a charitable event where he will allow people all over the globe to watch along via the internet.

According to the release, February 25th, 2018 will be the date when IronE Singleton will take the stage at “Special Location” for a private event where fans all over the world can buy tickets to access the event through the world wide web.

Tickets are available for the stream on the TicketLeap website and range from $20 to $500, with access ranging from a view of the stream to attending the event live in Dallas, Georgia with food, beverages, photos, autographs, a SWAG bag, and more.

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If you have never had the opportunity to catch IronE Singleton perform BLINDSIDED by the Walking Dead, this is the perfect opportunity. The blend of humor, drama, dance, music, and more will have you entertained and feeling the positive vibes from start to finish.