The Walking Dead: Will Jadis double cross Rick again

The Walking Dead; AMC; Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis
The Walking Dead; AMC; Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis /

The trailer for The Walking Dead mid-season premiere shows Simon threatening Jadis at the garbage heap. Will Jadis turn on Rick again and fight with The Saviors?

From the look of The Walking Dead mid-season premiere the two communities that can’t seem to pick a side, Oceanside and The Scavengers, are both going to be forced into battle. One clip from the trailer shows Enid trying to convince the women of Oceanside to join the fight.

And another clip shows Simon confronting Jadis at the garbage heap, surrounded by her people. He’s pointing a gun at one of her people, possibly Tamiel who is never far from Jadis. Given Simon’s history it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s telling Jadis that she and her people are going to fight with Negan or die.

But Rick told her the same thing. And she agreed to join the community alliance after Rick killed Winslow 2.0 and almost killed her. Is she going to double cross Rick again and fight with The Saviors? Would it be in her best interest to do that? Maybe, but probably not.

Backing The Winner

Jadis may be a woman of few words but she’s not stupid. No one stays alive and stays in power in The Walking Dead world if they’re stupid. She knows now that Rick and the alliance do have a chance to beat Negan. The fact that Simon is there trying to force them to fight for The Saviors instead of making a bargain for their help means that The Saviors are running scared.

And they should be. Even though The Saviors did manage to burn Alexandria down and attack the other communities hard they have been the biggest losers in the war so far. They were trapped inside The Sanctuary for days. And even though they have more people that just means they have more people to lose. Rick and the others have wiped out entire outposts and put a big dent in Negan’s superior numbers.

At this point Jadis has to know that there’s a strong chance the alliance will be able to topple Negan and The Saviors. Will she decide to back Rick and hope that choosing the alliance pays off? Or will she give in to Simon and commit her forces to The Saviors?

It’s very hard to tell what Jadis will do. Her primary motivation is to save her people. So if Simon threatens Tamiel or any of her people she may choose The Saviors just to protect the people she cares about. But if he hurts one of her people she will probably join Rick and The Alliance and help them crush The Saviors for good.

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We’ll find out what side Jadis chooses when All Our War resumes on The Walking Dead mid-season premiere on February 25th.