The Walking Dead: The Saviors may start using walker guts as weapons

The Walking Dead; AMC; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan; Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel
The Walking Dead; AMC; Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan; Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel /

As All Out War hurtles to a conclusion on The Walking Dead it looks like The Saviors may start to weaponize walker guts by coating their weapons with them.

Earlier in season 8 of The Walking Dead Father Gabriel and Negan covered themselves with walker guts in order to escape the trailer they were hiding in. Negan mentioned at that time that The Saviors had seen people get sick from using that trick. But Father Gabriel told Negan that Rick’s group had never experienced that.

But after Negan and Father Gabriel made it safely inside The Sanctuary Father Gabriel did get sick from the walker guts, although Negan didn’t. Father Gabriel became deathly ill almost immediately. Dr. Carson told Eugene that Father Gabriel was heading for organ failure and may not survive the illness.

In the trailer for The Walking Dead mid-season premiere Negan can be seen in the yard at The Sanctuary swinging Lucille at a walker impaled on the fence in front of a large gathering of Saviors. It’s possible he’s instructing them to batter the walkers along the fence to coat their weapons in walker guts.

It’s a smart, if slightly diabolical plan. With the walker guts on the weapons The Saviors don’t need to deliver a kill strike in order to mow down the community alliance forces. All they need to do is make contact because a simple scratch is enough to get the victim infected.

Walker Gut Weapons In The Comic

In The Walking Dead comic Negan and The Saviors do use infected weapons towards the end of All Out War, so the timeline of the TV show would match up with the comic if that is indeed what Negan is telling The Saviors to do in the trailer.

Now Negan is starting to get an idea of just what a strong threat the community alliance is and he’s going to be searching for any advantage he can get to beat them and end their rebellion. Weaponized walker guts are a smart way to attack the alliance fighters since if they die and turn in the community they could take out even more of the alliance members.

In The Walking Dead comic Negan comes up with the plan to use the walker guts on his own. But it’s possible that on the show Eugene will suggest it. Eugene is pretty desperate to stay in Negan’s good graces and he will need to prove his loyalty to Negan now that his old group is actively trying to slaughter Negan and The Saviors.

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It would be nice if Eugene wasn’t actively plotting against the people who kept him alive for so long. But Eugene’s survival strategy has always been to survive by any means necessary. It will be interesting to see how Eugene will explain himself if Rick and the others beat Negan and The Saviors and Eugene has to beg to be allowed back in one of the communities.