The Walking Dead Soundtrack: Delta Spirit-Running

The Walking Dead; AMC
The Walking Dead; AMC /

Before listening to Easy Street  by The Collapsable Hearts Club on repeat while waiting for The Walking Dead  season 8 mid-season premiere, continue reading below.

The show has proved season after season that the most powerful moments ever written have equally powerful soundtracks behind them. Bear McCreary’s brilliant work has proven as much with the groundbreaking open credits score alone.

Whether we just watched the death or reuniting of a beloved character or group, the show has consistently chosen some of the most fitting music to accompany those unforgettable moments. Admittedly once I listen to Kari Kimmel’s  song Black  I am automatically transported back to the Season 3 Trailer remembering how the group made the prison their home and encountered The Governor for the first time.

Today, however, I want to focus on the band Delta Spirit and their song Running. Surprised that the name sounds familiar? Some of their songs have been used in other shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Sons of Anarchy.

Running  has this special ability of turning any lengthy car ride into a uninterrupted moment of peace. The song has a smooth pace and carries thought-provoking lyrics accompanied with some delicate guitar playing.

You would think this song was written specifically for long walks while contemplating the show as a whole from the very beginning to what awaits in Season 9. Delta Spirit’s band members: Matthew Vasquez, Kelly Winrich, Brandon Young, William McLaren and Jonathan Jameson have easily captured my attention with this undeniably walker apocalypse sounding tune thus making Running one of my Top Five Favorite Songs from the show so far.

The next time you’re looking for something to get you in The Walking Dead kind of mood, give this a listen and enjoy. Who knew that behind the symphony of gunshots and choir of groaning walkers was some of the most inspiring music.

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