Report: Lauren Cohan negotiating The Walking Dead season 9 contract

Lauren Cohan as Maggie - The Walking Dead - AMC
Lauren Cohan as Maggie - The Walking Dead - AMC /

It is being reported that Lauren Cohan is in negotiations with The Walking Dead to return to AMC’s zombie survival drama series as Maggie Rhee for season 9.

Earlier this month, it was being reported that The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan had her contract expiring following season 8 and was fielding offers from companies to film a new television pilot.

A jolt went through the fan base, gaining a ton of concern that Cohan would not return for season 9 to reprise her role as Maggie Rhee, leader of The Hilltop and widow of Glenn Rhee as the communities attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Some good news for viewers of the hit undead drama came when TVLine reported that negotiations have started between AMC and Lauren Cohan to hopefully bring her back for at least one more season.

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Considering many of the characters who have been around for multiple seasons on the show have been being killed off over the years and the recent discovery that Carl Grimes is on borrowed time, fans are nervous about the future of the show considering many of the familiar faces that have made them love the show have moved on to other projects.

However, from AMC’s point of view, they have a budget to maintain as well. Signing all these established stars to long-term contracts or retaining current stars can be an expensive practice and considering the recent drop in ratings, AMC may not deem these expenses to be essential.

TVLine has stressed that the situation involving Cohan is not something that needs to be addressed immediately or should have fans of the hit TV sweating the future of the zombie franchise.

"“Multiple sources, however, tell TVLine that Cohan is in active negotiations with AMC to extend her Walking Dead deal into Season 9 and beyond. What’s more, she has made no indications to TPTB that she intends to leave. And for what it’s worth, Walking Dead doesn’t start production on Season 9 until May, so the fact that Cohan has yet to ink a new contract is hardly a DEFCON 1-level emergency.”"

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It is hard to imagine the world of The Walking Dead without having Lauren Cohan playing Maggie. Hopefully, this is a situation that fans of AMC’s zombie survival drama series will not have to experience during season 9.