Walking Dead-themed Valentine’s Day gift guide for procrastinators

The Walking Dead; AMC; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
The Walking Dead; AMC; Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene /

Valentine’s Day can sneak up on you like a Walker in the middle of the woods. This Walking Dead-themed Valentine’s Day gift guide is for all the procrastinators out there.

Holidays are funny things. We spend months planning Halloween costumes, 4th of July barbeques and Christmas celebrations, but somehow Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us worse than a Walker herd. (Sometimes we wish the herd was real so as to avoid the holiday outright)

For those procrastinators out there hoping to make an impact for Valentine’s Day without revealing that you actually just remembered that it’s happening, we have you covered with some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for The Walking Dead fan in your life.

DVD Sets

The Walking Dead DVD sets make a great gift for the Walking Dead fan in your life. Seasons 1-7 are available on DVD and you can choose from basic sets to fancy box sets featuring bonus items. The season 7 box set, for example, has a Winslow statue. That’s kind of essential.

Look for the DVD sets at any major retailer, or you might be able to get them delivered on Amazon if you use Amazon Prime early enough.

Action Figures and Funko Pop! Figures

If you’re in a rush, Walgreens has a terrific supply of The Walking Dead series 7 action figures from McFarlane Toys. Selections will vary by store, but on any given day I’ve been able to find Rick, Sasha, Aaron and Daryl in stock. There are also Walking Dead blind boxes with miniature figurines inside. Walgreens is a great destination because it’s open 24 hours and you’ll also find candy, cards, flowers and every kind of stuffed animal you can think of.

Walmart is another destination for more action figures and collectible dolls. Here you’ll find the McFarlane figures in both the standard and large size, and you’ll also find a variety of trading cards. (Target also sells two sets of trading cards)

If you’re looking for Funko Pops, my suggestion is to head to your local Michaels. It might be the neighborhood arts and crafts store, but they have a large stock of collectible items including Funko Pop figures. They carry The Walking Dead Funko Pop collection and it’s easy to pop in and out of Michaels to buy them. (Michaels also has wrapping supplies if you need to make your package pretty before the big day)

Special Order Somethings

It’s a little late to order custom Walking Dead items from Etsy or other handmade vendors because unlike Amazon Prime, shops need more lead time. In fairness, though, if you wanted to order a custom made Walking Dead-themed item for your sweetie you would have had to place the order well before Christmas to allow for a 6 – 8 week window.

You can still order custom items, but you’ll need to be creative in the delivery since you won’t have them on the actual holiday. Get some flowers or candy and print a picture of the custom item. Be proud that you’re supporting local business and let your honey know that the bespoke item will arrive in due time, and put the picture of the item in a card.

Here are some of our favorite shops with just about every kind of gift you can imagine:

Crap Free Skin Care

She might play one of the Scavengers on The Walking Dead, but Sabrina Genarrino knows how to care for her skin with her own line of skincare and beauty products that cut out all the garbage. This is a great way to pamper your loved one with quality products that are cruelty free. Use NicTWD at checkout for 15% off your order!

AJ’s Sweet Soap

We’ve followed AJ’s Sweet Soap for a long time and are continually amazed at the creations coming out all the time. From Daryl’s ear necklace soap on a rope to Daryl’s dog food dinner, this shop has soap in all shapes and sizes and you’ll be sure to find something here for the TWD fan in your life.

Oscar’s Red Hat

The Walking Dead artwork makes a great gift because it’s an everlasting gift. The artists behind Oscar’s Red Hat, Oscar Rodriguez III, is a friend to the TWD Family and can be seen at Walker Stalker Cons all over the country.

CreepyNCute Shop

Piper and Doreen put a lot of love into every doll they make, and like most handmade items these dolls take a lot of time and effort. But they’re totally worth it. Take one look at their social media accounts and you’ll see that these dolls have been all over, and some of them have gone home with your favorite TWD actors.

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Valentine’s Day can be a challenge, but we’re the TWD Family and we know how to deal with challenges.