The Walking Dead Olympics promos have sharp tone

The Walking Dead season 8B key art - AMC
The Walking Dead season 8B key art - AMC /

The Walking Dead Olympics promos have been released, and they have a decidedly harsh tone directed at Olympics “fans.”

AMC has released three promos ahead of the return of The Walking Dead that feature the Olympics. While AMC is often tongue-in-cheek with their advertising, there are some people who think that these promos are decidedly anti-Olympics.

The trio of new promos begin with “Admit it” and then launch into messages about things you probably don’t know about curling, figure skating and skiing. The premise behind all three is that while we’re watching the Olympics most of us have little to no idea about many of these sports and the complexity and nuances of their rules.

There’s some truth here, because some people can’t name members of the curling team, and they don’t know how triple axels impact scores and they don’t know all of the different ski events. What AMC might not realize, though, is that it’s still fun to watch the Olympics regardless of knowing the nuances of every sport. There’s a lot to say about the camaraderie of it all, both amongst athletes and among viewers who gather together to cheer for their respective nations.

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The point AMC is making, as evidenced by the rest of the promo spots, is that The Walking Dead is due to premiere as soon as the Olympics are over, and that’s worth getting excited about. With the release of the 8B synopses and news that a nude walker is coming to the show for the first time ever (for some reason or another…we’re still not sure about that one), there are lots of reasons to start counting down the days until the end of the Olympics.