The Walking Dead Danai Gurira talks about losing Carl

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

As fans of The Walking Dead prepare to say goodbye to Carl Danai Gurira spoke about how that loss will affect Michonne.

All fans know that on The Walking Dead no character is ever safe. But knowing that doesn’t make losing a beloved character any easier. Especially when that character is one of the originals. In The Walking Dead mid-season finale Carl revealed that he had been bitten by a walker when he was killing walkers with Siddiq.

In the upcoming mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead fans will see Carl spend the little time he has left with Rick and Michonne. And in an interview with HuffPost Danai Gurira talked about what losing Carl will mean for Michonne and how it affected her personally that Chandler Riggs will no longer be on the show.

Carl and Michonne have always had a very special relationship and Michonne became a strong mother figure and best friend to Carl after Lori’s death. Michonne has already lost a son once, so it’s likely that losing another will change her as the story moves forward without Carl.

Michonne and Rick will still have each other, and Judith, as well as the rest of the survivors. But Carl was such an important figure for both of them that losing him will have to have a profound impact on them both as a couple and individually.

Michonne Is Losing Her “Healer”

In the interview Danai Gurira said that:

"“Carl and Chandler are a blessing to Michonne and to Danai, you know what I mean? I adore Chandler, and [for] Michonne, Carl is her healer. Everything she and Rick do is to protect Carl, so this is kind of the worst nightmare realized for him to reveal [the bite] at the end of the last episode,”“These are very resourceful people who do everything they can,” she added. “Rick and Michonne don’t really stop easily. What do you do when that’s what you’re facing? So, yeah, I was devastated. Michonne was devastated.”"

The Thing They Can’t Fix

Carl has been through a lot over the years. He’s been pretty horrifically injured and he’s faced death many times. But he always managed to survive. Usually with help from Rick and Michonne.

When he was shot back in Season 2 Rick pushed himself to the limit to get Carl to Hershel to try and save Carl’s life.

And after Ron shot Carl and caused him to lose his eye Rick and Michonne fought through an entire herd of walkers to get Carl back to Alexandria so Denise could try to save his life. Always before when Carl was hurt there was a way to fix it. There was some action that Rick and Michonne could take to try and save him or protect him.

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But this time there is nothing they can do, and for them that will be the hardest thing to accept. In the past if they just tried hard enough or fought hard enough they could save him. But this time they can’t fix it. And that is what will be the hardest thing for them to accept.

The Walking Dead returns and Carl says goodbye next Sunday, February 25th.