The Walking Dead issues a challenge to Game of Thrones on Twitter

Game of Thrones; HBO
Game of Thrones; HBO /

The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account issued a zombie challenge to Game of Thrones in a display of good natured rivalry with the other top show on TV.

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are the two top genre shows so it’s only natural for their to be some rivalry between the two.

As The Walking Dead revealed this week that the show for some reason will feature a fully nude walker in an upcoming episode The Walking Dead twitter account took a swipe at Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones has their own zombie army led by The Night King, who turns the dead into killing machines that can only be killed by fire or by weapons made from dragon glass, or obsidian.

The Walking Dead twitter account issued this challenge to Game of Thrones, which is currently filming the epic 8th and final season of the show:

Wights Vs. Walkers

The walkers on The Walking Dead are infinitely more disgusting than the army of the dead on Game of Thrones. Most of the dead that make up The Night King’s army are skeletal remains with very little flesh left, although there are some that are still in the process of decay.

Since the army of the dead inhabits the land beyond The Wall which is a vast frozen wasteland the cold keeps the dead from experiencing the melting type of decomposition that walkers in The Walking Dead go through.

But wights, which is what the dead fighters for the Night King are called, are much more ferocious and bloodthirsty than walkers. They can move with impressive speed and power when they are near their prey, the living. Wights are reanimated corpses just like walkers but they are supernatural and not just shambling shells of what were once human beings.

A Zombie Dragon

Last season on Game of Thrones The Night King managed to kill one of Daenerys’ dragons when she brought her dragons to fight the wights and save Jon Snow and the others who were trying to capture a wight.

And after killing the dragon he reanimated it and turned into a wight. A flying, unstoppable wight that shoots blue flames. Fire cannot kill a dragon presumably even a dead one, so the only way to stop the dragon wight will be getting close enough to kill it with a weapon made of dragon glass. The Walking Dead’s walkers are much easier to kill.

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So it seems like despite the addition of a nude walker to The Walking Dead world Game of Thrones has the edge when it comes to the undead. An undead dragon is pretty tough to beat.